Frequency of Dry-Cleaning Clothes

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Question: How often should I dry-clean my wool clothes?

Answer: I learned a valuable lesson early in my career. I used to dry-clean my suits and other wool items rather frequently because that is what I thought you were supposed to do. After one or two wearings, I thought my garment was ready for the cleaners.But my clothes started to look worn much too soon, a costly mistake considering how much I love designer clothes. After making some inquiries, I realized I was dry-cleaning much too frequently.frequency of dry cleaning clothes

I learned that dry-cleaning can discolor and/or wear down fibers, can give your wool clothes an undesirable sheen, and can shrink your clothes (which has happened to me several times) if overdone. So even though it is important to dry-clean your clothes, don't make the same mistake I did. Sometimes a simple spot cleaning and/or steaming/pressing will be all that is required. And always choose a dry-cleaner that comes highly recommended.

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